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I never expected her to actually go and bloody die.
It was a friend who recommended Kate Granger’s first book to me. I read it in one sitting. It resonated hugely with the concerns that I felt about the environment in which we both worked – and in which Kate was now a patient. An environment where the little things mattered, and where kindness was as important as competence but often overlooked in the name of efficiency.
Soon, Kate and I were ‘friends’ on Twitter, and as I got to know her through her tweets, my overriding feelings were of awe and respect rather than pity or sympathy. Yes, she was young, and going through a particularly shitty illness, but what she was doing with her experiences was amazing. I wasn’t sure – and I’m still not sure – that I would have the strength to do what she did…

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All in my head

Half of the battle about being sick, is knowing what is wrong.

On 22nd Sep 2011 I had a ‘routine’ cortizone injection for a pain in my neck. From the next day, I had the most horrendous headache I could imagine. It went away while laying down, but I felt like I had been beaten by a baseball bat when I stood up. When the Doctor who gave me the injection tried to say it was a normal reaction, and it was “all in my head“,  we googled my symptoms….

“Sounds like a Spinal leak” my Fiancé said. 

Spinal leak sounded scary. Just scary. No one gets a spinal leak… I mean unless they are in a car accident, or a coma, right? Can I be fixed? Will I be able to stand for more than a few minutes again? What happens if I never get better? All…

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Battle of Waterloo celebrated in Woodhall Spa

The Petwood Hotel Blog

As some of us learned at school, the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815, so last month marked the bicentenary of that victory,officially observed on the 18th to 21st. On June 28th this year interested parties gathered at the Woodhall Spa Wellington Monument near Waterloo Wood (“…. raised from acorns sown immediately after the memorable battle of Waterloo…..”) to celebrate the event and learn more about it from members of the Heritage Committee of Woodhall Spa.

Michael Czajkowski has kindly agreed to write a short piece about the monument, which you can download here. But there’s a twist to this story.

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VE day at the Petwood

The Petwood Hotel Blog

Geoff runs LincolnshireTV and broadcasts on Siren FMOur first guest blogger Geoff Thompson wrote an article yesterday about his VE day weekend at the Petwood Hotel, published on Tripadvisor and re-posted here:

“This was my sixth stay at the Petwood, and no less a pleasure than all of the others. Parking is never a problem, and the splendid grounds never fail to lift the spirits as soon as I enter the gate. The staff were helpful and friendly, and I was soon relaxing in the comfortable oak panelled rooms of this remarkable country mansion turned hotel, by way of a spell as the home of officers of the famed ”Dambusters” Squadron.

That wartime history is not just a memory in this grand mock Tudor to Jacobean house; the bar once serving pints of beer to those heroic airmen is an atmospheric oasis of artifacts of those grim days, in a setting not too far removed from the…

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Woodhall Spa Football Club needs your votes!

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Woodhall Spa FC is hoping to raise up to £25,000  to build a community Pavilion, through the Aviva Community Fund. The funding would be for a project at Abbey Lane Playing Fields, Woodhall Spa, to provide new modern sports and community facilities for the club and the local community. The proposed building would be fully accessible to local community groups and schools for functions and events.

The project would also involve refurbishing existing changing rooms, ensuring that the Abbey Lane Playing Fields would continue to be the home base for Woodhall Spa Football Club, a Football Association Charter Standard Club.

You can help the club by voting online for this project; you can vote up to 10 times to make sure that it gets enough votes to win the funding!

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